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Friction Rock Stabilisers (Split Sets)

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Shutterlock’s Friction Rock Stabilisers are attracting world attention. Their design allows them to tighten as lateral rock displacement occurs,enhancing their yielding capacities.

How it works
Shutterlock’s friction Rock Stabilisers are made up of two main parts:

  • A hollow shaft with a large split down its length. One end is tapered, the other has a welding ring lug to hold the plate in place;
  • A square plate used to stabilise the shaft and hold it in pace, as well as retaining mesh.

The tapered end allows the tube to be compressed into a smaller hole made into he rock. The tube exerts radial torques which grows stronger as rock displacement occurs, generating an active support resistance. *see pic 1*

The system components
This is all you need: the tube and matching domed bearing plate, and inexpensive driver tool to fit the rock drill you use to drill the hole.
Various male and female drivers are available to fit all rock drills, stopers and drifters for all Friction Rock Stabiliser models.
A pull tester will help you verify the effectiveness of the stabilisers after installation, and over time. Pull collars are available for each tube diameter.

Choices of tubes and plates
Friction Rock Stabilisers are manufacture in the following: 33mm, 39mm, 46mm and 47mm diameter tubes and are available in lengths to suit your requirements.
These can be supplied in black or hot dip galvanised steel to satisfy environmental corrosive conditions.

Conforms to ground shifts, grips even tighter
Pull tests prove the superior holding power of the Friction on Rock Stabiliser system. After installation (when ground shifts can loosen an ordinary rock bolt), the Friction Rock Stabiliser tube grips more tightly. Days or weeks later, when the average conventional bolt becomes ineffective and needs re-torquing, a typical stabiliser tube remains its load-bearing characteristics. *see pic 2*

In the hold, the tube exerts forces against the rock over its full contact length as well as providing plate support *see pic 3*

It never needs tightening. The tubular structure and high strength of the Friction Rock Stabiliser allows it to conform to rock displacements.

Full length support
The Friction Rock tube applies frictional properties over its full contact length; not just at the end of an ordinary point-anchor bolt does. The tube and bearing plate exert forces against the rock immediately upon installation.

Compare the advantage of the Friction Rock Stabiliser system over any other ground support system

  • Immediate full length anchor rock reinforcement
  • Instant full load-bearing capacity
  • Excellent yielding characteristics
  • Individually marked for full traceability
  • When rock displaces, forces increase
  • No ancillary equipment required
  • Accommodates large ground movements
  • Can be used in an excavation geometry
  • Not prone to tensile failure
  • Simple design
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Made to costumer specifications    
  • Can inspect visually
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • No pressuring or mixing
  • No torquing or re-torquing
  • High tolerance to variations in bore hole diameter
  • Loads rock in compression
  • Axial and radial support
  • Minimal stress concentration
  • If bearing plate knocked off, support is maintained
  • Millions of successful installations worldwide
  • One international standard
  • Experienced technical assistance
  • Insensitive to blast variations

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Oslo Straps – Fail Safe Support Mesh

oslo strap

High energy absorption design allows for movement without weakening the integral mesh strength.
Pig tail cross wire design allows for multiple take up bolts.

Performance break test available on request.

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