Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Shutterlock offers a wide range of wire ropes that are manufactured with durable materials. This makes it the ideal product for all your industrial needs. 

Shutterlock offers durable steel wire rope that is suitable for various applications. This includes container cranes, tower cranes, telescopic cranes, mobile lattice boom cranes and more 

Steel wire ropes are ideal for any outdoor environment. They consist of strong properties that enable its strength and length to remain constant when wet or dry. 

Bharat rope diagrams

  • General Purpose Steel Wire Rope – 6×36

  • General Purpose Steel Wire Rope – 6x19S

  • General Purpose Steel Wire Rope – 6×25

  • Scraper, Chairlift, Elevator & Non Spin Wire Rope

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Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless steel wire rope pics

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