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Shutterlock (Pty) Ltd aims to maintain and expand our position as leading provider of world-class brands to the markets we serve. We further strive to expand our Global footprint through Quality, Reliability, Customer Service Excellence and resultantly Sustainable Growth.

In the 21st century, significant demands are being placed on End-Users and Suppliers alike, relating to the promise of quality service and product.

With an excess of 28 years of Customer needs research, development of Original Equipment Manufacturer orientation and the re-engineering of “best practice” principles, Shutterlock is not only regarded as a pioneer and an industry leader, but at the forefront of comprehensively satisfying ever changing industry standards and demands.

Shutterlock maintains a quality promise to all who may be of service to the organisation as well as the entities who serve Shutterlock. The Quality Promise stems from Shutterlock’s mission to be a preferred employer amongst individuals. We aim to create a work environment where employees are comfortable to call Shutterlock their home. We aim for our clients to refer to Shutterlock as their preferred supplier as a result of customer service excellence. We strive towards our opposition embracing Shutterlock as friends as a result of open communication and trust.

Leading provider of world-class brands to the industrial markets. We stock and supply lifting and rigging supplies, steel wire rope, lubricants, protective safer clothing, submersible pumps, winches and various resins. 

In pursuit of our quality promise we endeavour to attain the following:

Safety / Compliance

Shutterlock encapsulates legal requirement, into a singularly minded core value and promise, affording its Customers absolute “Peace of Mind”. Supportive of this, Shutterlock is an associate member of and affiliated to LEASA. Shutterlock prides itself as an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation as well as a registered Lifting Machinery Entity (LME) Certificate no. 330.

Value for Spend / Brand Positioning

Shutterlock endeavours to position our brand as an Innovative, Customer-Orientated Supply Chain partner. To this end, Shutterlock remains vigilant and pro-active, providing its market segments with current, financially viable and state of the art, rigging tackle and lifting hardware (product).

Product Quality and Service / Evolutionary Improvement

Aligned to statutory safety regulations, industry consistently strives to seek “fit-for-purpose” product quality and after sales support service. Shutterlock is renowned for its quest, to unveil and introduce internationally recognized and accredited Original Equipment Manufacturers, to its markets, thus enhancing Shutterlock’s ability to satisfy discerning market product quality demands. Commensurate to this quest, Shutterlock consistently invests, re-engineers and improves it’s after sales service facilities, in strict accordance with recognized statutory and world class standards, supportive of unrivalled after sales service.

UNITY & Stake Holder Empowerment

“Healthy Citizenship” and sound ethical business principles are grounded on trusting and mutually beneficial business partnerships. The hallmark of Shutterlock’s success, is having established and nurtured, ethical, trusting and mutually beneficial business partnerships, not only with its Customers, but also with related Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Shutterlock has established a Black Economic Empowerment Loyalty Trust to which all non-white permanent staff are eligible to join. The Trust was established to create Unity within the organisation and allow non-white employees to have the opportunity to be empowered.

Management Commitment

A cornerstone of sustainable growth, is embedded in the value systems, employed by End-Users and Suppliers alike. Shutterlock embraces a sustainable growth value system, resulting not only in financial gain, but through continuous improvement, in every aspect of its business interface, with Customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Shutterlock’s commitment to continual investment in its resource portfolio is deemed to be a critical path, to the ultimate benefit and sustained growth, of all its stake-holders.







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